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Sarah Jahangir studio

Decorative dishes to display your small jewelry, keys, and other everyday essentials.

These are all different styles that you can use to make a product.

Marble - Sarah Jahangir studio specializes in marble patterns. They can be single-toned with a base color or an explosion of many colors.

Terrazzo - is a pattern comparable to the original terrazzo floors that consist of small, irregular shapes ingrained into the material. It's a more intricate and time-consuming technique; consequently, we only make it available in products that have a flat surface.

Splatter - The final product resembles scattered random drops, like flicking paint with a brush.

Solid - this style contains single-colored products or products containing multiple single-colored sections (e.g., color block).

Flere produkter fra Sarah Jahangir studio

Formland Autumn 2023

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Sarah Jahangir studio

Sarah Jahangir studio
One woman design studio creating unique handmade pieces in every color

Sarah Jahangir studio specialiserer sig i levende farver, vi håber at kunne sprede glade og lyse farver til skandinaviske hjem
Jeg skaber unikke håndlavede produkter, af en vandbaseret blandings materiale som ikke indeholder opløsningsmidler eller VOCs som standard resin
Materialet er et micro-cement, som er plastik frit. Der ligesom med almindelig cement, er et holdbart og lettere materiale.
Det endelige produkt er glat som keramik men tungere end almindelige resin produkter.
Jeg blander mat

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