Cofur Denmark


Silkeborg, Danmark

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When investing in a product from COFUR Denmark, you will not only prolong a beautiful story, but you will simultaneously invest in a product created with love, sustainability, and a passionate heart beating for our environment. We are convinced that optimal living – and working conditions belong not only to people working in Europe but likewise our loyal suppliers in India. That is why we mainly use GOTS-certified manufacturers to secure fair wages and safe working conditions, where discrimination and child-labor are banned! It can be strenuous for Indian women to get a job, especially for women with physical disabilities. That is why, in collaboration with our suppliers, we have created countless jobs for women with a background as seamstresses who would have difficulties finding a job, because of their conditions.

We are embracing women’s diversity in the way we design new styles that subconsciously support women’s look and confidence through timeless design. And since all women are exceptional and the individual female body is unique, only the best is deserved! And what is better than sneaking your body in the best silk quality that only you own? Because since all styles are made of vintage crepe-silk sarees from India, each style will inevitably be a unique item. Furthermore, diversity is one of our heart’s desires, which means we embrace all body types, which is why several of our styles are either one-sized or available in XS-XXL.

Virksomhedsprofiler samt speciale- og interesseområder er udfyldt og tilføjet af leverandørerne og er ikke baseret på viden eller vurdering fra Formland.