The Anna-thurium Stem

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Reevein Studios.

The 'Pearl Anna-thurium' is based on the classical Anthurium but inspired by the master of light painter Anna Ancher. The bloom is, therefore, covered in shiny white-silver pearl colors with a soft touch of glitter that reflects the light. The spadix is pearly turquoise inspired by the inside colors of seashells and mussels. The stems are bendable, making them easy to arrange in bigger bouquets or beautiful as a stand-alone piece.

Anna Ancher, one of the best-known female Skagen painters, was intensely preoccupied with exploring light and color. She is also known for painting interiors and including nature and flowers in her motives. Her boundary-breaking use of color and her marvelous ability to capture a ray of sunshine has been a big inspiration for the 'Pearl Anna-thurium'.

This flower is a part of the 'Skagen Collection' consisting of 5 different stems. The colors are inspired by the old Danish Skagen painters that lived from the 1870s until the turn of the century. Skagen was a summer destination whose scenic nature attracted northern artists to paint in the open landscapes, emulating the French Impressionists.

Psst...Are you getting married and looking for something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue? Then add the 'Pearl Anna-thurium' to your bouquet to keep forever.


Length 40 cm.
Bendable and cuttable stems
Bendable petals (blooms)
100% hand-crafted
100% hand painted
70% recycled materials (the rest is paint, lacquer, etc.)
Material: Recycled textiles, glue, paint, paper, wires

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Formland Autumn 2023

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Reevein Studios.

Reevein Studios er et high-end faux floral design studio med base i København. Imens hele verden sadler om for en mere bæredygtig fremtid er blomsterindustrien stadig langt bagud. Levetiden på en afskåren blomst, fra høst til skraldespand, er i gennemsnit blot 12 dage, hvilket gør blomsten til en klimabelastende brug-og-smid-væk vare.

Reevein Studios er et alternativ til afskårne blomster, men i lige stor grad et eksklusivt alternativ til de kunstige blomster, perle, papir og tørrede blomster, som vi kender dem i dag. Reevein Studios fusionerer kunst og design og hermed nyfortolker vi den k

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