Cioccolata calda - Italian hot chocolate!

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Fogarolli Europe AB

Fogarolli hot chocolate, or Cioccolata calda in Italian, is a drink far from what Scandinavians are used to drink when we think of hot chocolate.

Cioccolata calda Fogarolli is an Italian hot chocolate that we have developed ourselves. It is a chocolate powder with a rich content of high-quality cocoa. The powder is mixed with milk and boiled to create a creamy and unique consistency. The pure chocolate taste together with a relatively low sweetness makes the product appreciated by all ages. To further enhance the taste experience, one can add a splash of dark rum, cognac or Baileys. We recommend serving with whipped cream on top!

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Fogarolli Europe AB

Founded in 2006 by Cristina Fogarolli and Sebastian Ryberg with the mission that where there are people, there is a need for a great cup of coffee. With our mobile coffee cars, we spread the love of coffee in expected and unexpected places all over Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Norway.

To extend the Fogarolli Coffee Experience we offer retailers the possibility to sell Fogarolli coffee and Italian hot chocolate (our specialty!) in beautiful cans that our customers love!

So welcome to stand E4232 for a cappuccino, espresso, cortado or maybe our specialty, Dirty Italiano! Rich, creamy hot c

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