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La casa de Freja

MATERIALS: Our rugs are 100% sheep wool, handwoven by artisan Emilio Fernandez Quispe. 100% natural dyed colors. PRODUCT DETAILS: Our rugs are handwoven in treadle loom and using natural dyed colors. They are part of Costa Verde home textile collection. Costa Verde is the circuit of beaches in Lima, a place that I miss a lot now that I live in Denmark. My family lives very close to the cliff that overlooks to the Pacific Ocean. The smell and sound of the sea always remind me where I come from. DIMENSIONS: 36×24 inches (90x60cm), 59×39 inches (150x100cm).

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La casa de Freja

La casa de Freja er et latino-skandinavisk boligindretningsmærke, designet og håndlavet i samarbejde med peruvianske håndværkere.

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