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Norde ApS

Handmade natural palm wax candles. Palm wax candles are very hard, smooth and dry. They burn very clean, do not emanate soot into the air. Due to production method and uniqueness of palm wax, the surface of candles is covered with a unique crystalline texture. Distinct advantage is a very long burning time.
Available in 3 sizes, 2 shapes, 9 colours.

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Norde ApS

Natural, 100% plant based pillar candles from Copenhagen, Denmark. Because of the natural vax they have a clean and long burn and last for up to 100 hours. Due to the vax and cotton wick, these candles can stay lit for longer compared to regular candles. What makes Nordik Kandles unique - is their frosty crystal pattern, this is due to the type of wax, it forms naturally and every single candle is unique and different. There are no 2 candles that look the same. Moreover, all of the candles are carefully hand-poured and hand-packed.

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