Formland X Fantombryg - Welcome to the world of colors

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17. august 2023 | Fantombryg

Da den berømte design duo Studie FLYHELSTED kreerede trendzonen "Colors - a living network" til Formland Spring 2023 deltog Fantombryg med skræddersyede økologiske specialøl, der var designet i tråd med konceptets stærke gule farve og skarpe linjer.

Formland annoncerede trendzonen således:

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF COLORS 🌈 Go explore this year’s outstanding trend zone 'Colors - a living network' created by the renowned design duo Studie Flyhelsted in Hall D.

This time, the zone is designed to take you through an interpretation of living spaces in a transparent and light atmosphere surrounded by the bright colours of the period. The experience is both abstract and personal, with contrasts of humour and seriousness, and with room for differences and space for fellowship in this 'living network'.

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